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Imaging the wedding day and all the details of it might be every person's log-lasting dream. Aladdin and Jasmine ,well, they had a Genie... So what is your personal preference? 

A friendly oriented shooting at your home garden , a beautiful hike on misty mountains or a summery walk barefoot at the beach and the island alleys?

Everything is possible!
Let's start with an interview via Skype , Face Time we would be able to chat about all your questions.

Feel free to contact us ,also ,directly.
Scroll a little bit and reach us out.


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PHONE                         +30 6946494170


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"Knock knock" I am Home

Available Worldwide

Having the opportunity to express feelings of lovely couples and families around the world as a filmmaker is a true blessing!
 Each destination has a unique atmosphere and can make a love story pop.

Let's create captivating and cinematic memories!!

Do not hesitate to enquirer so we can discuss everything about your plans. 


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