Dionisis  Moraitis



  Dionisis Moraitis is a passionate provider of professional video services.
  He has a gentle approach to human interactions , thus he succeeds in captivate the most unique moments  of the couples. His life's driving force is freedom , love and adventure which are the most valuable and  pure tools for a lifelong remembered storytelling.
  He seeks positivity in everything, from an original crowded Athenian neighborhood to a solo hiking  experience on the misty mountains.

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  Dimitra Kamakari


 Pure feelings are her film making goals that, combined with imagination and technical skills, create videos of the most beautiful self in everyone. 

Thinking about getting married somewhere around the globe?

 While everybody is talking about the Mediterranean beaches and the blue and white island scenery - I would agree that's freaking amazing indeed - there are also magical and out of space places all over the planet Earth to create cinematic videos!  If you like my style just give me a call to talk about our itinerary, as I love to travel. Let's have some fun!!!


Wedding Couple in Nature

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  Orestis Dourvas


Orestis believes that beauty can be found in the most mundane things. Everything can be '"cinematic" as long as you give it the proper respect, the proper love. His motto is "obsessive attention to detail isn’t crazy, it’s required in our line of work."

Your best moments are better captured incognito, without interference because that is what makes the best day of your life eternal.




  Nikos Sfarnas


Passionate with filmmaking, rock music and a gudget freak.

Unlimited imagination, smile and positive attitude no matter the circumstance are his go to philoshophy. 
Keen admirer of urban aesthetic. Whenever he has free time from his upcoming wedding stories, you will sure catch him making  travel videos.



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